What We Do

GKB Design Associates (Pty) Ltd creates quality solutions that aim to fulfill the needs of our clients within their resources and time constraints. Our solutions bridge the gap between our clients’ initial realisation of needs and the attainment of dreams. The focus is on providing cost effective solutions, which have been thoroughly researched, while collaborating with our clients in using alternative building methods and/or materials.

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Regulatory services/management of water and sanitation

Bulk water supply

Management of raw water abstractions

Water purification works and distribution (reticulation)

Management of water operations and maintenance of water distribution systems

Sanitation collection and reticulation

Sewer pump stations & waste water treatment

Low cost township services (water and sewerage)

Water loss control and management support


Heavy mining and industrial structures

Bridges and culverts ( road, rail and pedestrian)

Retail and commercial structures

Residential and office structures

Factory and warehouse structures

Educational and health institutions

Structural steelwork, masonry and timber structures

Reinforced concrete structures and remedial work


Strategic planning of roads and storm water networks

Geometric and pavement design of roads

Design of storm water networks

Maintenance of roads and storm water networks

Management of traffic movement

Management of infrastructure and road reserves

Provision of support services

Low cost township services (roads and storm water)


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Public Transportation Planning And Operations

Public transport planning

Public transport restructuring and rationalisation

Bus rapid transit planning

Integrated rapid public transport networks

Public transport operations design, monitoring and assessment

Public transport priority schemes

Inter-modal system and facilities planning

Transportation Planning, Engineering And Policy

Transport statutory plans

Transport policy development

Integrated transport planning

Non-motorised/intermediate transport planning

Events transport planning and management

Transportation modelling

Transport master planning

Rural transport planning

Special needs passenger planning

Freight transport planning

Transport corridor development

Toll studies

GIS modelling and mapping



Construction management

Planning and coordination

Cost management

Quality assurance

Safety management



HV and LV reticulations

Building and internal reticulation

Area lighting

Urban and rural reticulation and electrification

Substation design

Network master planning services