Our Team

Our directors are recognised within the industry and have been involved at a high level, on some of the most prestigious projects undertaken within South Africa. Our designs and exhibitions will stand out for the public to view and admire for generations to come.

We pride ourselves in the combination of skills and mettle required to build sustainable projects that make a statement few others can. We are proud to showcase our successes through buildings that are a step ahead of the pack, backed up with a dynamic team that understands the effervescence of market demands.

We thrive on engaging our clients in all phases of the life cycle, and delivering projects that are within budget and to the clients’ satisfaction. Our hope is to build lasting relationships with our clients and to be the preferred service provider in the engineering society.


Gaylord Mupona (Director)

(M.Sc.(Eng), B.Sc(Hons) Civil Engineering) (Pr.Eng)


After graduating with his first degree in civil engineering, Gaylord worked as a researcher in wastewater engineering. He also worked for a short stint as a roads engineer before furthering his studies at the University of Cape Town, where he graduated with an MSc in Civil Engineering specialising in structures.

Gaylord is an experienced structural engineer who has successfully managed big projects and is head of the civil and structural department of GKB Design Associates. He has been involved with a variety of civil and structural, commercial and industrial projects, from small to very large.

Bhekizulu Mpala (Director)

(B.Eng in Civil Engineering (Hons)(PDE) (Port and Coastal Engineering) (Pr. Eng.))

Bheki graduated from the University of Brighton, UK. He initially gained work experience in the design and supervision of municipal and township water and sewer development.

Through mentorship, Bheki developed into a bridge and marine engineer and later obtained a PDE in Port and Coastal Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch. He has since been involved in the design of bridges, culverts and various maritime structures in and around the major ports of South Africa. He has also carried out bridge inspections and various port planning feasibility studies.